Newspapers app privacy policy

Greenstream Apps tries to be clear and transparent on how your information is used when using Newspaprs app. This page will explain how the app handles your data and what permissions the app needs and what they are used for.

Network connection

Greenstream Apps

Newspapers app may connect to the Greenstream Apps webservers. Currently this is used for updating the newspaper list.

Like almost all webservers on the internet Greenstream Apps webservers create log files to measure traffic on the servers. This data is only used to optimize our website and servers.


Newspapers app may display ads served by AdMob. This third party network uses device identifier to personalise the ads. Please visit their privacy policy for more information. AdMob website


Newspapers app requires permissions to operate, this section wil explain why the app needs these permissions and how they are used.


Used to connect to the internet. A Network connection is required for the online synchronization function and to load in app advertisements
This permission is needed to read and write backups from/to the external storage on your device.
This permission is needed for the setting to keep screen awake while reading newspapers.


If you have any questions about the Newspapers app privacy policy please send an email to:

Last modified at 23-Sep-2018